SmartOne IPTV M3u Playlist Setup

Step 1 = Download and open the application.




Step 2 = Click on the settings section on the main screen of the application.




Step 3 = Enter the accounts section in the Settings tab and take note of your mac address written on the screen.



Paste this link into your browser from a different device and go to the installation screen of the smartone application.


Step 4 = Write the information sent to you in the marked sections on the screen in order.

TV Mac= Your mac address in the accounts section of your app.

Playlist Name= Worldflix Server

Playlist M3u= The m3u plus link in the subscription information sent to you by us.

After typing the necessary information, click on the "Create Smart Key" box.




Step 5= After typing the required information, click on "Create Smart Key" at the bottom right.

Your installation is complete. Restart your TV.